Equipment Providers and PABX Technicians - Updated Dialling Plan Available


The NAD has recently approved changes to the New Zealand dialling plan, available here.  This has been provided to the ITU and will be available from their website shortly.  If you are an equipment provider or PABX technician, these changes will be particularly important to you.

The international dialling plan provides detail on New Zealand number lengths and service types using New Zealand numbers.  In accordance with ITU recommendations, this plan is internationally focussed, it will not provide details on all number ranges that can be dialled domestically.  Accordingly, the NAD recognises that the information it contains will not be complete for all equipment providers and PABX technicians.

If you wish to know the details of all domestically diallable number ranges, their number lengths and the services that use them (including charging), you should contact your service provider (or your customer's service provider) in the first instance.  The service provider, particularly their wholesale division, ought to be able to provide you with a list containing all the relevant number information.  Note, this information may vary from provider to provider, so it is important that you contact the service provider providing services to the equipment that you are installing and don't rely on generic data from one provider.  

In addition, for generic information on what number ranges are active in the New Zealand PSTN, you can view or download the complete Number Register from our website which will list all the currently active number ranges and (in the case of Geographic numbers) their LICAs.