Changes to the Australian Number Administration


The ACMA intends to conduct a request for tender (RFT) to identify a provider of numbering allocation and administrative services during the second half of 2013. The ACMA is seeking any information which stakeholders think could assist the ACMA to provide the best outcome for numbering allocation services.

The services that the ACMA will be seeking through the RFT are:

  • a register of allocated numbers;
  • numbering allocation and administrative services for all number types – including but not limited to allocation, transfer, surrender and withdrawal functionality;
  • publicly available web based fixed price allocation service for smartnumbers; and
  • administrative services pertaining to the collection of the Annual Numbering Charge.

Please note the ACMA is not seeking the provision of policy or compliance and enforcement services.

The ACMA understands the strategic importance of numbering services and recognises that there is potential for a service provider to provide additional services to industry which may be of significant value to stakeholders. Therefore while the ACMA will only be seeking (and will only contract) a service provider to act as its delegate in the provision of the services set out above, interested parties will be encouraged to outline any additional or adjunct services (for example portability or network conditioning) which they plan on offering in their response to the tender.

At this time the ACMA is seeking specific information from stakeholders which will assist it in accurately articulating its requirements so that the impact on stakeholders of any change to the arrangements can be minimised. The ACMA is also seeking stakeholder input into issues which should be considered during the evaluation stage.