Ireland Chooses a Path for M2M Services


ComReg, the Irish Regulator (and Number Administrator) has made a decision on the future of M2M numbering in Ireland.  Following considerable analysis and discussion with the industry in Ireland, ComReg has decided not to introduce a dedicated M2M number range at this time. ComReg believes that M2M needs can be adequately met from existing number ranges (primarily mobile numbering ranges) for the foreseeable future. ComReg will however keep this matter under constant review and address if required.

ComReg acknowledges that Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) addressing is likely to be the preferred method of addressing for the vast majority of M2M communications in the future and so the use of telephone numbering should be viewed very much as an interim or transitional step. In this regard, ComReg notes that IPv6 could be in use as early as 2016 on some mobile networks, as M2M applications begin to migrate to networks based on Long Term Evolution (LTE), which is an IP-based network.

Additionally, ComReg plans to introduce a series of number conservation measures for the mobile 08X8 number ranges, which may include certain options identified for it by its Consultants. These options will in the first instance be placed before ComReg’s Numbering Advisory Panel (NAP). This will assist ComReg with option selection and with identification of implementation methodology, as appropriate. The targeted ranges are all of those within the 08X category. Full and active participation of interested parties at the NAP will be essential in this regard and ComReg expects a full contribution by all organisations represented there. In the course of this consultation, ComReg has had discussions with a range of network operators and it understands that voluntary steps towards number conservation may also be proposed within industry fora such as TIF; ComReg looks forward to receiving their proposals in due course.

You can review the full Numbering for Machine-to-Machine Communications Response to Consultation document, here.