The Long Term Numbering Plan

The purpose of the long term plan is to provide a structure for the evolution of the New Zealand numbering plan over time.

Updated 2022

By having a planned evolution of the numbering plan, NAD members will be able to:

  • Have input into the future of numbering in New Zealand in an informed and timely fashion;
  • Have the opportunity to consider the evolution of numbering in their own long term plans;
  • Be prepared for the likelihood of a need to change any Service Category at any given time, with adequate warning to ensure a smooth and effective transition;
  • Be informed of the stresses on the numbering plan and have the opportunity to take steps to avoid costly change where such change is avoidable;
  • Rely on a preapproved evolutionary path, without the inherent uncertainty of changes made “on the fly”.

The discussion and analyses provides the considered framework on the future of any given Service Category, however, no aspect of the plan is fixed.

Though the plan makes suggestions and forecasts, no party reviewing this plan should assume that recommendations will be fully followed through or that forecasts and suggestions will not change over time.  

This document has been updated with data from 2021.

Download the Long Term Numbering Plan.  (PDF 714 KB)