Number Register

The Number Register contains the full list of New Zealand's numbering resources which are administered by the NAD. Please select a number range to view details on the status of a Code Block.

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Category Maximum Digits * Minimum Digits *
Geographic Service Codes
03XY Download
04XY Download
06XY Download
07XY Download
09XY Download
Special Service Codes
01XY   Download
1XYZ   Download
Non-Geographic Service Codes
02XY 11  10  Download
Personal Number Service Codes
070XYZ 10  10  Download
Premium-Rate Service Codes
090XYZ 11  Download
Value-Added Service Codes
08XY     Download
Free-Phone Service Codes
050XY 10  10  Download
080XYZ 10  10  Download
Hand-Off Codes
011XNT     Download
Nation-Wide Number Service Codes
50XY Download
Service Provider Prefixes
05XY     Download

You can download a CSV file containing full details on a range by clicking the download links on the right.

To view the relationship between all Major and Minor LICAs for the Geographic Service Category download this PDF (PDF 19 KB).

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