This website, and the NAD Deed, utilises a lot of defined terms.  You will find the definition of these terms in our Definitions page.

For a list of current proposals, including the NAD's long term plan for the development of the Numbering Plan, you can view our Proposals page.

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Number Allocation Deed

The Number Administration Deed is a contract that establishes the NAD, being the numbering mechanism and an industry body to oversee number administration.  You can review the NAD Deed by clicking here.

Number Allocation Rules

The Number Allocation Rules govern the allocation process of telecommunications numbers, subject to the Number Administration Deed. You can review the NAD Rules by clicking here.

New Zealand Numbering Plan

You can download a copy of the New Zealand Numbering Plan from the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) website. This plan shows all New Zealand number ranges which are diallable from overseas and their number lengths. The plan does not depict all active (Assigned) number ranges which may be diallable from within New Zealand. You can review the plan on the ITU website here.