Telephone Scams

What to know about telephone scams and what you can do.

The NAD Rules stipulate how NAD Members can apply for and activate New Zealand telephone numbers in their networks so that the numbers are used effeciently and consistently between telecommunications networks. NAD Members are free to assign individual numbers to their own customers as part of their telecommunications services, in accordance with their own terms and conditions. The NAD has no visibility of how those companies provide numbers to individual customers or how those customers use those numbers on a day to day basis. This includes using a telephone number to initiate a scam or fraud.

Telephone users should be wary of any unsolicited call where they are asked to provide credit card or other sensitive information and avoid providing such detail unless they are certain they know the identity of the caller.

The NZ Telecommunications Forum provides useful information on what to do if you receive a scam call.

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs' website contains details on common and most recent scams.

If you feel that you have been the victim of a scam, you can report the details of the scam on the Ministry's website - - or file a complaint with the New Zealand Police.