Who We Are

The NAD is a collective, multiparty deed established by the New Zealand telecommunications carriers in 2000 with the approval of the Government and the Commerce Commission.  The NAD administers New Zealand's national telephone numbering resources, including all local numbers (03, 04, 06, 07 and 09), mobile numbers (02X), free phone (0800 and 0508), premium rate (0900) and special service numbers (01XY and 10XY), amongst others. Parties to the NAD agree to adhere to the NAD's rules and principles and in exchange can apply for telephone numbers to provide services to end-users.

NAD members are free to wholesale telephone numbers to other providers, though they remain ultimately responsible for that number's use through their allocation under the NAD, but the NAD is the only way a New Zealand provider can obtain new number ranges to activate and provide services.

The NAD is governed by the NAD Management Committee, which consists of the representatives from all NAD Parties, an Independent Chair, Number Administrator and a User Representative.


Each NAD Party holds one vote on the NAD Management Committee. The Independent Chair, Number Administrator and User Representative are all non-voting members. You can see the list of current members and the non-voting positions, on our Current Members page.

The NAD maintains close links with the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment and well as the Commerce Commission to ensure that Government objectives are met with the efficient management of New Zealand's numbering resources.

Collocated antennas on towers


You are eligible to join the NAD if you are a New Zealand Resident and you provide Public Switched Telecommunications Services in New Zealand. Unless the existing parties agree otherwise, there can only be one party for each group of related companies.

Only NAD parties, or organisations intending to provide public switched telecommunications services and who become NAD parties within six months of being allocated Code Blocks, can be allocated numbers.  If you are not currently providing public switched telecommunications services you may still join the NAD but you will need to start providing services within 12 months of being allocated numbers or else the numbers will be forfeit.  In addition, no party may activate and use any Geographic (local) or Non Geographic (mobile) numbers, regardless of their membership status, unless they have first been determined as a Party to Local Number Portability or Mobile Number Portability.

If you are interested in joining the NAD you can read more on our Membership Application page.