Membership Application Process

Information on the requirements and process for becoming a NAD party.

To become a NAD party, you must apply in writing to the Number Administrator. You should provide any and all applicable background or supporting information to demonstrate how you meet the membership criteria (ie that you provide, or intend to provide, public switched telecommunications services and you are a New Zealand Resident).

The Number Administrator will review the application against the participation requirements of the NAD. The Number Administrator will be in contact with you during this process and might request further evidence/information to support the application.

Once the Number Administrator is satisfied that you are entitled to become a party, all existing NAD parties are notified and given 10 working days to object. Objections can only be made if the applicant does not meet the participation requirements of the NAD.

If, after 10 working days, no objections from existing NAD parties have been received, the Number Administrator will prepare the necessary documents for your entry to the NAD.  These documents are:

After the documents have been signed, you will be formally deemed a NAD party and will be invoiced the membership fee. Currently this fee is $10,000 + GST per year (from 1 October - 30 September) which is payable each year you are a party to the NAD. There are additional adminsitrative fees for every Code Block you apply for. NAD parties may also be liable for further NAD costs, which are currently allocated on the basis of each party’s proportion of active numbers.

You will be required to nominate a voting representative to attend the NAD Management Committee Meetings.  You may nominate someone to attend meetings of the Numbering Subcommittee, which meets regularly to discuss numbering development and numbering issues.